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About Collective Mayhem

Collective Mayhem was borne from necessity. There is no doubt North Texas has some talented filmmakers and crews. But where are they and where is the work? The idea was then hatched. The goal to be THE movie database for North Texas.

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Hiding in Plain Sight 2013

What happens when resources run out, unemployment is denied, and savings accounts are depleted? Darius and Josephine Blackmon find themselves living in their car with two young children. Family and friends that lent them money are no more due to their own financial hardship. Kevin Allen, a prominent school teacher, feels that he is making a difference by helping parents keep their children in school with government vouchers, filling in where the paychecks stop. Darius and his family try to keep up appearances during the day and stay out of sight at night, all while holding on to one another in a hidden America. What happens when the two men's lives cross?
M. Legend Brown
Michael D. Brown
Kelly O’Neil Jackson, Sharice Henry Chasi, Irma P. Hall, Drew Waters, Martin Ezelle, Gwendolynn Murphy, Aaliyah Muhammad, Devion Camp, Edgar Arreola, Rachael Webb, Robert Michael Szot, Zion Szot, Mikaela Brooks, Larry Jack Dotson, Mikala Gibson, Eric King, Denise Lee, Dani Marie, Jodie Moore, LaKenya Moss, Stephen C. Nash, Ben J. Pierce, Lisa Pierce, Brandi Price, Juan Requena, Gracie Wakefield, Allen Warchol, Cory Werthen, Campbell Williams, Reed Williams, Steve Jimenez
Release Date
17 May 2013
M. Legend Brown, Sharice Henry Chasi, Michael Ciancio, Martin Ezelle, Kelly Gray, Kelly O’Neil Jackson, Eric King, Drew Waters
Director Of Photography
Michael Ciancio, David Pinkston
Film Editing
Meagan Waggoner
David Rosenblad
Sound Department
David Pinkston, David Rosenblad